Suha Marina Sever

Boat transport

We offer the possibility of the boat transport on our auto-truck and Harbeck trailer.

Sailboat transport

We transport sailboats up to 38 feet long on the trailer because of keel and the length of the spar.

Oversized cargo escort

In our offer we also obtain permits for oversized cargo transport in Republic of Croatia, as well as acquire all of the other permits...


Transport company „Suha Marina Sever d.o.o.“ has been in business since 2004, cooperating with the leading domestic and foreign ship distributors. The company has been growing steadily, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and has received Credit Excellence Certificate owing to the maximum committment, safety and punctuality when delivering your vessels to nautical shows or desired locations. In order to follow valid EU regulations and highly-set standards, we are constantly investing into new vehicle fleet and by enhancing the scope of our services, we are monitoring the needs and expectations of our customers. We transport all kinds of ships, including the possibility of vessel transport by truck (maximum vessel length 8,5 m) or trailer transport (vessel length 12 metres), with our well equipped MAN trucks and HARBECK trailers. Furthermore, our specialty is sailing boat transport (up to 38 feet long). We will create the transport price whenever you inquire. The transport includes oversize cargo too, and part of our tender is obtaining permits for oversize cargo transport in the Republic of Croatia, as well as all the other necessary permits and agreements and ensuring technical and police escort.To sum up, the complete transport service is our responsibility.

To sum up, the complete transport service is our responsibility.

We have the ability to deliver up to three vessels at the same time, depending on their size and absolute protection. The best indicator of our quality is our recognition on the market and continuous cooperation with the existing distributors around Europe based on mutual respect.

Our VISION is to become one of the leading nautical transportation companies by offering quality service and safe transit of your vessels together with the escort organisation of oversize cargo.

The company „Suha Marina Sever d.o.o.“ is developing its services through the mission of accepting European trends and in accordance with them ensures long-lasting satisfaction of its clients, and continuous professional development and permanent transport safety education for its employees.

In addition, our mission is to achieve satisfying business results together with increasing the value of the invested capital. „Suha Marina d.o.o.“ is accomplishing its missions by research, development and improvement of its services, methods and procedures in business processes, with the aim of satisfying the needs of its clients and employees. That is why our overall strategy is focused on the achievement of the set goals.

Check our long-standing reputation on the nautical market, have faith in our competences and enjoy the beauties of the sea carefree.

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Chairman of the Board: Davor Sever
Head of Sales: Mario Sever